Content Services

Outsourcing planning and management of Quality System according to the organization needs.

Responsibility for Managing and operational the Company Quality System which may include:

  • Preparation / maintenance the Company certifications to TL-9000, ISO9001:2008, ISO 14001, OHASA 18001, AS9101 standards.
  • Establishing / managing Quality system covering R&D, engineering, operation, installation and customer service activities, including the writing of procedures, work processes implementation, metrics, targets and workmanship standards.
  • Involving in:
    •  PoC- Proof of Concept process.
    • NPI – New Product Introduction process.
  • Managing the internal audits to control the implementing of processes.
  • Managing the Customer Satisfaction Survey and Customer Complains
  • Managing the Company Quality Costs.
  • Operating the Company QC system.
  • Planning, collecting and analyzing Company metrics and targets.
  • Supplier’s certification and control including source inspection.
  • Managing the employees training and certification system.

Organization preparation for certification to standards.

  • Writing the Organization Quality Manual.
  • Standards and procedures instruction to organization employees.
  • Procedures implementation audits, including Correcting and Preventing actions.
  • Internal audits performing according to the organization annual plan.
  • Maintenance of the Organization Procedures.

Internal Audits performing to keep the trend of continuous improvement and standards certifications.

  • Internal audits performing according to the organization annual plan.
  • Corrective and preventing action planning and implementation guiding.
  • Training and certification internal auditors.
  • Design inspection check-lists to control implementation of process and procedures.
  • Effective analysis of cross organization and dep. Processes.

Engineering processes analysis and control improvement.

  • Characterization / Analysis of PoC (Proof of Concept) process.
  • Characterization / Analysis of NPI (New Product Introduction) process.
  • Characterization of project implementation control.
  • Writing Quality Plan for Projects / products.
  • Writing development and engineering procedures.
  • Procedures implementation audits, including Correcting and Preventing actions.
  • Planning metrics and targets for processes.

Operation processes analysis and control improvement.

  • Process analysis vs. the receiving results and the control cost invested
  • Planning action to improve the effectiveness of the process.
  • Planning metrics and targets for processes.
  • Writing Workmanship standards for production / installation.
  • Training employees in Data Collection and Analysis Techniques.

Suiting and training QM / QC systems to types of products, production /installation processes, including metrics and targets planning.

  • Process control / product inspection: Design the most effectiveness Quality Control System. suitable to product type and production process.
  • Writing Workmanship standards for production.
  • Planning the data collection, analysis and repots process for the ability of controlling and improving the product / process.
  • Overall Quality Costs Analysis according to ASQC model.

Suiting and training QC systems to control installation sites and processes, including metrics and targets planning.

  • Design the process control / site inspection suitable to kind of site and type of installation.
  • Planning the data collection, analysis and repots for site installation.
  • Performing sites audits and inspection.
  • Writing Workmanship standards for installation

Suppliers / Sub-Contractors Certification, audit and source inspection.

  • Preparing Suppliers / Sub-contractors Categorization List.
  • Characterization the supplier / sub-contractor certification process.
  • Design the supplier / subcontractor quality index (based on value to the organization).
  • Performing audits control to supplier / sub-contractor processes.
  • Performing source inspection to products.

Performing Customers / Suppliers Satisfaction survey including analysis and improvement plan.

Responsibility for the implementation of customers / suppliers satisfaction surveys, which include:

  • Determination the company strategic customers/suppliers.
  • Writing the survey questioner accordingly to company definitions.
  • Managing the survey implementation (e-mails / letters / face to face)
  • Collection and data analysis.
  • Report which include suggestions for corrective and preventing actions

General consultation in Quality Management and Control topics.

In addition to the support and consulting to the issues in the menu services, GQS support by writing Companies Quality Manual, writing Projects Quality Plans, helping in quality data analysis and in preparation the Quality Management Review , also GQS provide instructions and training courses in: Leading Internal audits, Suppliers Certifications and control techniques, basic QC training course.